Electric and control part

The professionals  in electric and control department can show:

·        Comparative and basic engineering design .

·        Automation industrial design FCS-DCS-PLC-PROFIBUS-FUNDAMENTAL FILD BUS.

·        Installation and starting electrical equipment, control in different industries such as cement, steel, gas, petroleum and track line.

·        Installation and starting in automation systems.

·        Installing and starting variable frequency  systems MULTIDRIVER, ACS DRIVER.

·        Testing and inspection electric equipment and systems.

·        Designing and starting high , medium and low voltage posts and transfer lines

·        Service and rolliage high voltage posts.

·        Service and repairing overhaul electromotor MV & LV

·        Consultation and control

·        Analyze and fault datagnosis of machines and revolving parts by easy vibermachinery ,this company can make CM routin plan and dynamic blance and fault datagnosis  machinery with skillful experts.

üAutomatic fault datagnosis of bearings with possibility of variable touch angels.

üExact calculation of machine circle and faults frequencies.

üAutomatic fault datagnosis of cogwheel with different number of pivot and belt and electrical motors and fans and … .

üExact report of extent trembling and bearing prameters  withsimultaneous synchronization spectrum with report date.

üReport preparation with list of faults in WORD software .

·        Making Aligmentshafts, cooplings and balancing revolving chassises equipment with proof technic machinery:

üAscertainment of state of direction extension of revolving machines pivot.

üMeasuring of deviation of sides of shaft.

üParallelism test among 2-300 cases such as forgery machines and rollers.

üPerpendicular test and clearance of table face or BED in machines such as Boring machines .

·        Consumable power analyze of plants and factories, control the energy by power analyzer set and reporting different diagram for optimizing consumption of energy.

·        Measuring reactive power and design capacitive bank and reporting about harmonic characteristic and designing filter.